Tipo 5Door More. Sure you want to get out?

New Tipo Sport More. Sporty Soul.

茄枝视频Don't settle for less. Demand even more sportiness, even more character, even more aggression. The New Tipo Sport gives you all this and much, much more!

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Fiat Tipo S-Design

Tipo S-Design More: Dressed to Impress.

A new, sporty, dynamic look: style and function blend, emotions crown substance.
Everyday roads will never be the same again.
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New Tipo Street More. Take to the street in style.

A new look. More aggressive, more urban.Designed to turn city and street life into a whole new experience. Ready to stand out from the crowd?

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New Tipo Mirror More: for those who demand more, also in technology.

All the Tipo comforts combined with the futuristic style and latest-generation technology of the Mirror family. Connect your smartphone and manage your apps in a simple, user-friendly way using the UconnectTM 7” HD LIVE screen, and stay connected to your car at all times via the Mopar®茄枝视频 Connect services.

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Fiat Tipo 5Door bluetooth radio

UconnectTM: handy for you, useful for everyone

Get behind the wheel of the Tipo 5Door and discover all the technology designed for your driving pleasure. With UconnectTM 7’’ HD LIVE, you can connect your phone by means of Bluetooth or a USB port, choose your own favourite music or let Deezer choose some for you, and display the latest news from Reuters or updates on Facebook and Twitter.
All at a touch of the screen. Or a simple voice command if you prefer. The system is also compatible with CarPlay and supports Android Auto, so you can use all the apps on your smartphone in complete safety.

Mopar® Map Care

With the Mopar® Map Care service, you can now update all the maps on your sat nav. You can do the upgrades yourself on (free for the first three years) or by contacting your nearest dealer
Fiat Tipo 5Door Uconnect NAV

You lead the way, Tipo

If you don't know the way, let your Tipo 5Door find it for you: with UconnectTM 7” NAV HD LIVE, you can use TomTom 3D mapping, activate TMC traffic alerts or calculate the quickest route to your destination with TomTom IQ Routes. All at the touch of a screen, just like using your own tablet.

Pre-set for Apple CarPlay

The new Tipo 5Door comes with support for Apple CarPlay.
Apple CarPlay is the smartest, safest way to use your iPhone at the wheel. With the key functions and main apps specifically adapted for CarPlay on the screen of your Tipo 4Door, you can access navigation info, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music without taking your mind off the road. Thanks to Siri, in addition to the touchscreen and steering wheel buttons, you can use voice commands to operate the main features on your iPhone.

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CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple Inc

Android Auto™

The new Tipo 5Door is compatible with Android Auto.
Android Auto makes it easier to access your contents and Apps at the wheel, without putting safety at risk. The Tipo 4Door's user-friendly interface displays your Apps on the screen in easy-to-read pages. Google Maps gives you access to real-time traffic info and much, much more, while the best hands-free technology lets you make calls and send and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

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Tipo 5Door ecodrive mycar

It doesn't take much to pollute less.

It's not just comfortable and good-looking: the Fiat Tipo 5Door is green too. So you'll soon get a taste for saving fuel and cutting your emissions with the help of eco:Drive, which analyses how you're driving and offers tips on how to improve.
And if you can't remember where you parked, save energy: activate my:Car and it'll locate your car for you in seconds.
Fiat Tipo 5Door rearview camera

So you have got eyes in the back of your head...

Change the way you park, using the rearview camera integrated into the UconnectTM system.
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