Panda City Cross

Built to escape

New engine, updated looks, same bold character as always.


New Panda Trussardi

Flaunt your elegance on the urban catwalk and get ready to amaze them all. Admire the new Matt or Metallic Caffè colour, the exclusive Trussardi Logo, the new branded seatbelts, and taste the stylish comfort of the new designer upholstery.
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Fiat Panda Waze

New Panda Connected by Wind

Navigate and follow your passions, wherever you are. Its integrated Wi-Fi turns the Panda Connected by Wind into a true mobile hotspot, with a 4G connection and 50GB per month ready to use.
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New Panda Waze: turn your car into a social network.

Who says driving can't be social? Turn all trips into a party with Panda Waze! With the Panda Uconnect app, take photos, keep in touch with your friends and automatically join Waze, the biggest community of motorists in the world!
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New Hybrid Engine

Drive into a world of benefits with the Panda’s new hybrid engine.​
New Hybrid Engine


The Panda’s new Hybrid technology makes it more economical, reducing fuel consumption by up to 30%*, and also ‘greener’, protecting the environment by slashing CO2 emissions. It also benefits from financial advantages for hybrid vehicles such as tax reductions, access to LTZs and parking discounts.

*According to NDc2 homologation



The E-Assist function enables the electric engine to assist acceleration. 

With the E-Coasting and E-Breaking functions you don't need to recharge the lithium battery. It will recharge itself during deceleration and braking.

Also, the Extended Start & Stop function switches off the engine below 30km/h, saving on fuel consumption*.

茄枝视频*According to NDc2 homologation


The cluster on the Panda Hybrid lets you keep a constant eye on all the car information to make the most of the hybrid engine and the battery charge level. You will also receive recommendations about when to shift gear and when the car is driving in Neutral (which means without fuel consumption, under 30 km/h).

The cluster also clearly shows when the battery is charging and accumulating energy, so you can keep constant tabs on the status of the battery and energy flows,


Uconnect Fiat Panda City Cross

Ask for whatever you want

You can connect your smartphone to the Uconnect™ radio with MP3 player, Aux input and Bluetooth, using the USB port in the storage drawer in front of the passenger seat. Or you can connect your device to the second socket, next to the cradle, to charge the battery. So the whole world is within reach in your Panda City Cross.
find my car Fiat Panda City Cross

Simply technological

Your playlist, favourite radio stations, contacts, maps, temperature and even find my car. Use whatever apps you want, to make every trip in your Panda City Cross simpler and more enjoyable.
Mobile apps Fiat Panda City Cross infotainment

Travel simply, with your smartphone

When your adventure is challenging, your journey needs to be easy: that's why the Panda City Cross adds new tech in the form of Panda Uconnect. By downloading the app free of charge to your smartphone, you can make phone calls, listen to the radio and use eco:Drive, Find My Car and all the other functions that make light work of every trip.
start and stop Fiat Panda City Cross

Minimum fuel consumption, maximum fun

You stop, your engine stops. The Panda City Cross's Start&Stop technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption, along with the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI), which tells you when to change gear.
MOPAR® CONNECT Fiat Panda City Cross

Your car in the palm of your hand

Thanks to innovative technology from MOPAR® CONNECT, you no longer have to worry about anything: you will always know where you parked your car and can check your speed, trips and whether the doors are locked or unlocked, all via your smartphone. And push notifications mean that you will never run the risk of forgetting anything in the vehicle.
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